Six Sigma

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Six Sigma is a method that is used to achieve a perfect project. It is a process which judges the quality of project and tries to remove the defects by identifying and removing strategy. The defects are removed but keeping in mind that the target product does not get altered. You will be able to earn Green Belt, Black belt and Yellow belt.
Six Sigma


  • To get a Six Sigma green belt certification the candidates need to have 1 year of relevant experience of working in a project
  • To get a Six Sigma black belt the candidate needs to have a three year working experience and should have completed two projects

Learning objectives

After course completion, student would understand:

  • Understand the Six Sigma analysis tools and its use.
  • Learn to gather, classify, verify, validate and summarize data to improve the product quality
  • Reducing errors and deviations to get better output
  • Calculation the capability of a product and analyzing its performance
  • Understand the techniques and process of project management
  • Using the Six Sigma concepts, methodologies and principles in a project
  • Importance and use of QFD (quality function deployment ) technique
  • Implementing the concepts of DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control ) model in relation to the concepts and principles of Six Sigma

You can select from the following Six Sigma Training Courses

  • SIX SIGMA Green Belt Certification
  • SIX SIGMA Black Belt Certification

You’ll cover the following content

The course would introduce you to fundamentals of Six Sigma Certification and would cover:

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

  • Explains the fundamentals of Six Sigma
  • Describes the design and processes of Six Sigma
  • Analyzes, plans and manages the project opportunities
  • Study the various metric and analysis tools.
  • Teaches concepts of stats, modelling and probability in relation to Six Sigma.
  • Introduction to the testing strategies.
  • Measuring and designing experiments
  • Implementation of control charts and their usage
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Studying Probability distribution

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

  • Describing the fundamentals of leadership and team performance and team creation
  • Concepts of change management, critical requirement, benchmarking
  • Basic mathematical concepts of stats, probability, graphs, correlation & regression
  • Explains the testing concepts
  • Data collections, storage and analysis
  • Calculating financial and business performance
  • Creating project charters
  • Six Sigma measurement system
  • Statistical process control (SPC)
  • Maintaining controls and various non-statistical control tools
  • Six Sigma design methodologies
  • Designing, planning and executing experiments


Certification Programmes Add-on:

  • Intensive Hands-on Training Utilizing our (Lecture | Lab | Review)TM Delivery
  • Complete Study Materials, Course-ware and Testing Software
  • Fully instructor-led program with lab facility
  • Facility to conduct an On site testing

Our instructors follow a flexible approach of teaching thus the training methods are altered as per the trainees’ needs. We offer study material, hands–on labs, skills to work as a team by giving more and more team activity or tasks. Various review exams from time to time to analyze your knowledge.

BCI has state of the art training facility and is equipped with world class fixtures and sans peril instructors who are available to answer your queries.


Six Sigma is a project management approach that helps professionals in understanding and identifying customer requirements; solving problems analytically, improving communication skills, and building leadership qualities. The course will harness the problem solving skills and analytical skills along with the managerial skill set. The project managers will become competent in handling projects effectively and efficiently. The Six Sigma course focuses on achieving error free and best results.

The Six Sigma framework is a problem solving methodology that is being implemented in more and more organizations these days. It is a certification that confirms that an individual is competent in problem solving and delivering results. The manufacturing industry uses the Six Sigma project management process as it helps them deliver an error free product and improve their manufacturing quality. The manufacturing companies are given a Six Sigma rating that shows their competency in delivering a good product.


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Six Sigma Project Manager are competent in identifying errors suggesting a solution to handle it and giving better results. The manufacturing companies can manufacture a good product that has fewer errors and a higher quality product.
The cost of the exam is £950 + VAT for green belt certification and £1395 + VAT for a black belt certification. Please note that the cost of the exam may change region wise and you need to check it with the examination centre.
The certification can be gained by process managers, product managers, project managers, QA Managers, Quality Mangers and ASQ consultants.
The candidate needs to score 80% marks in Six Sigma certification test to successfully clear the exam.
The candidate get a time of 3 hours to complete the examination that has 60 questions in it.

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